Journal of the New Jersey Jazz Society

Jersey Jazz is published 12 times a year. The journal is distributed to members of the New Jersey Jazz Society, as well as to music venues, university jazz studies programs, radio stations, libraries and other institutions. When an issue is published, its cover story is added to this archive. Twelve months later the full issue is posted. Click on any of the images below to view or download a PDF copy of that issue of Jersey Jazz.

2021 Issues:

October 2021

On the Cover: Art Farmer Playing His First flumpet ARTICLES/REVIEWS Jazz Education Series: Evolution of the Baritone Saxophone; Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon: Sentimental Journey Big Band; Big Band in the Sky: George Wein; Jazz at William Paterson: Art Farmer; Rising Star: Sean Mason; Talking Jazz: Joe Farnsworth; Bass and Beyond: Leon Lee Dorsey; Book Review: Texas Jazz Singer; Other Views COLUMNS All That’s Jazz; Editor’s Choice; Dan’s Den; Not Without You. More content available to members only.

September 2021

On the Cover: Overflowing with Festivals. ARTICLES/REVIEWS Jazz Education Series: Nat King Cole; September Social: Mark Morganelli; Billie & Blue Eyes: Pizzarelli & Russell; Festival Month Swings into New Jersey; Jazz History: Jon Hendricks’ Centennial; Talking Jazz: Mariel Bildsten; Rising Star: Tate Hanlon; Book Review: The Lady Swings; Other Views. COLUMNS All That’s Jazz; Editor’s Choice; From Dan’s Den. More content available to members only.

July/August 2021

On the Cover: The Sassys. Photo by Anthony Alvarez ARTICLES/REVIEWS  JALC on the Back Deck, Rising Stars: Gabrielle Cavassa and Tawanda Seussbrich-Joaquim, On the Road Again: Samara Joy, Talking Jazz: Hendrik Meurkens, Jazz History: Billy Taylor’s Centennial, JALC at Times Square, Post-Covid Comeback: Ken Peplowski, Big Band in the Sky COLUMNS All That’s Jazz, Editor’s Choice, Dan’s Den, Not Without You.  More content available to members only. 

June 2021

On the Cover: 3 Generations of Jazz. Photo by Cydney Halpin. ARTICLES/REVIEWS  Jazz History: Erroll Garner, Three Generations of Jazz, Melissa Aldana, Talking Jazz: Ed Cherry, Rising Star: Lucy Wijnands, Big Band in the Sky, Book Review: Sax Appeal, Other Views. COLUMNS All That’s Jazz, Editor’s Choice, From the Crow’s Nest, Jazzworks. More content available to members only. 

May 2021

On the Cover: NYO Jazz Dress Rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg. ARTICLES/REVIEWS  Yoko Miwa’s Songs of Joy, NYO Jazz, Talking Jazz: Boris Kozlov, The Django Legacy: Stephane Wrembel, Rising Stars: Tyler Henderson and Summer Camargo, Big Band in the Sky, Other Views. COLUMNS All That’s Jazz, Editor’s Choice, Dan’s Den, Jazzwords.  More content available to members only. 

April 2021

On the Cover: EMMET COHEN. Photo by Taili Song Roth. ARTICLES/REVIEWS Saturdays with Ramsey Lewis, Emmet Cohen’s Future Stride, Jazz History: Scott LaFaro, Talking Jazz: John Lee, Rising Star: Jocelyn Gould, Big Band in the Sky: Remembering Carol Fredette, From the Crow’s Nest, Other Views. All content available to members only. Consult “Membership” to become a member.  More content available to members only. 

New Jersey Jazz Magazine Cover | March 2021

March 2021

On the Cover: Artemis. Photo by Keith Major. ARTICLES/REVIEWS All That’s Jazz, Editor’s Choice, Big Band in the Sky: Chick Corea, Artemis, Talking Jazz: Alexis Cole, Rising Star: Danny Jonokuchi, Grammy Awards, Jazz Guitar ‘Mecca’, Book Review: This is Bop, Other Views, Not Without You! More content available to members only. 

February 2021

On the Cover: Viola Davis as Ma Rainey with, from left, Chadwick Boseman, Colman Domingo, Michael Potts, and Glynn Turman, photo courtesy of Netflix. ARTICLES/REVIEWS Jazz at William Paterson, News from WBGO: New CEO Steve Williams, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Talking Jazz: Kurt Elling, Pizzarelli Painting: Highest Bidder, Book Review: Life in E Flat, Phil Woods’ Legacy, Other Views, and Big Band in the Sky. All content available to members only. Consult “Membership” to become a member. More content available to members only. 

January 2021

On the Cover: Regina Carter photo courtesy of NJPAC ARTICLES/REVIEWS January Jazz Social, Remembering Lou Pallo, Regina Carter and JohnSchreiber Pay Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, The Many Sides of Conrad Herwig, Viola Smith: The Fastest Girl Drummer in the World, Talking Jazz: Allen Farnham, Alex Levin: English Teacher and Jazz Pianist, Rising Stars: James Haddad and Joe Block, Jazz at William Paterson, Book Review: Peggy Lee: A Century of Song, Book Review: Jazz Dialogues, Other Views, Big Band in the Sky. More content available to members only. 

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