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July/August 2020

Big Band in the Sky,Jazz Giant: Charles McPherson, Sarasota Honors Rachel Domber, Other Views, The Bright Future of Jazz, Talking Jazz: Ingrid Jensen, Marty Grosz’s ‘Life in Jazz’

“8 min. 46 sec.”

By Scott Robinson

I doubt that I’m the last musician (and maybe not the first) who’ll want to create a musical piece of eight minutes and 46 seconds duration, the exact length of time it took for a man’s life to ebb away on that horrifying video we have all seen in the news.

James A. Harrod’s STARS OF JAZZ

Stars of Jazz was a weekly television show originally seen in Los Angeles, but it eventually had a 29-show national run before reverting to being a local show for its final few episodes.

A Lingering Look Back at Some Live Music

Live jazz performances came to an abrupt end in early March, due to the Coronavirus. But Jersey Jazz Contributing Editors Joe Lang and Schaen Fox caught some of the last live concerts and shows presented early this year. Following are reports on four such performances, two from each writer. Enjoy!