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Instructions for Existing New Jersey Jazz Society Members Only

In order to have “members only” access to the magazine online and the additional added content, you must CREATE A LOGIN ACCOUNT tied to an email address. This “new FREE account” is for CURRENT MEMBERS and will be linked to your membership and renewal and will help us create a much more accurate and streamlined membership process. Creating this account will not cost you any extra dues nor change your membership status.  NJJS does NOT share or sell its membership list or email list with any 3rd party, so creating this account will not clog your computer inbox with spam mail.

My apologies to anyone who has attempted to create an account and was confused by this new process!  Allow me to provide greater instructions to create your new account:

Click onto the “CREATE A LOGIN ACCOUNT” in red.  This will take you to a Membership page where you will fill out the “Register New Account” information in the fields provided.

Click the FREE Membership option

Scroll down to the bottom of the other membership options and CLICK the REGISTER icon.

You will be directed to a Confirmation Notice and your Members Only Access to additional magazine and website content will be active.

Make note of your log in information and password for future reference.

The newly configured website will allow our membership to renew, donate, pay for JJ advertisements and eBlasts and shop our catalogue of used CDs & LPs all through the Shop/Donate tab at the top of the site.

If additional help is needed please email

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The New Jersey Jazz Society (NJJS) is a non-profit organization of business and professional people, musicians, teachers, students and listeners working together for the purpose of advancing jazz music.