eBlast Policy

One of the benefits of being an NJJS Musician Member is that we will advertise your upcoming performances for FREE in our shared bi-monthly eBlast. Event promoters, and member musicians who are not performing in an event, are not eligible to advertise events for free ‐ however, eBlast space can be purchased (see below for rates).

• EBlasts are sent twice a month, around the 1st and the 15th of the month.


• Deadline for submission is the 25th of the month – and the 10th of the same month e.g., member musicians with performances in October should submit their event(s) in ONE email on the 25th for the 1st of next month and by the 10th of the same month for the 15th of the month Blast.

• Complete performance submission information should be emailed in a camera-ready JPEG – for greater impact.

OR submitted in plain text (NOT a PDF/flyer) with a photo and should be in the following format: band/musician, day and date, time, venue, address, contact telephone, cover charge, and a link to the musician’s website (optional). NJJS reserves the right to edit content for space. Emails should be sent to eblast@njjs.org

• If you have multiple performances in the upcoming month, all of those gigs should be listed in ONE JPEG or text. Please do NOT send multiple flyers, each advertising a different performance – NO exceptions.  Emails should be sent to eblast@njjs.org.

• If Musician Members have open‐ended/recurring performances month to month, and want them to be listed in eBlasts each month, they must resubmit performance information each month. Only performances in the given month will be listed in that eBlast (exception: NJJS events).

● Dedicated eBlasts for Musician Members – listing only your event – can be purchased for $25. Reservations must be made a minimum of 1 week in advance of publication. Payment must be made in advance via PayPal on our website under “STORE” using code: payment@njjs.org and must be made at the time of reservation. Please contact eblast@njjs.org to make your reservation and other payment arrangements if necessary.


$25 – Shared eBlast.  See above for deadline submissions.

$50 – Dedicated stand‐alone eBlast (advertising only your event).

Payment must be made in advance via PayPal on our website under “STORE” using code: payment@njjs.org. Please indicate payment is for a shared or dedicated eBlast, provide musician/band name (if it can’t be discerned from the email address), and indicate whether or not you require an invoice. Please contact eblast@njjs.org in advance if other payment arrangements need to be made.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to helping you draw sell‐out crowds!

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