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2013 NJJS Jazz Scholarship Students

2013 New Jersey Jazz Society Scholarship Winners

2013 NJJS Jazz Scholarship Students

Posing after their performance at the 44th Annual 2013 Pee Wee Russell Memorial Stomp at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany on March 3 are (from left): Isaac Dye, David Zaks, Paulo Cantarella and Matthew Hartmann.

Photos by Tony Mottola.

DAVID ZAKS, William Paterson University, Piano (Jack Stine Scholarship)

This year’s Jack Stine Scholarship winner hails from Hoboken and attended High Tech High School. David is grateful to Mulgrew Miller and Harold Mabern for their mentorship and guidance. He’ll appear many times at William Paterson’s Jazz Room before his 2014 graduation. He also performs every Friday from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Bowery Mission on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where he is well received. His MySpace page features a number of his arrangements.

PAULO CANTARELLA, New Jersey City University, Drums (Don Robertson Scholarship)

Paulo, who received the Don Robertson Scholarship, is from South Plainfield. He’s been continually inspired while being part of the South Plainfield music program as well as with New Jersey City University. He is thankful for his teachers along the way: Dan Weiss, Mark Guiliana, Tim Horner, Steve Johns, Mark Sherman and the late Tony Williams. Paolo also plays vibraphone, and his interest in cosmology has influenced his original compostions, some of which may be viewed in performances on YouTube.

ISAAC DYE, Rutgers University, Tenor Sax (Pee Wee Russell Scholarship)

Isaac came to Rutgers by way of Juneau, Alaska and Peoria, Arizona. He received the Pee Wee Russell Scholarship, which was the original of these Jazz Society-sponsored scholarships in 1970. Professor Ralph Bowen and the faculty at Rutgers have been especially inspiring. Isaac, a graduate student, is currently a member of the internationally-travelled Rutgers Jazz Ensemble. He also plays the bagpipes and owns his own equipment for home-brewed beer.

MATTHEW HARTMANN, Rowan University, Trumpet (Bill Walters Scholarship)

Matt is a graduate of Shawnee High School in Medford, NJ. He was selected for the Bill Walters Scholarship by his professors at Rowan, which receives talented students from the many excellent South Jersey high school programs such as the Lenape District from which Matt graduated. He thanks Dr. Appleby-Wineberg and George Rabbai at Rowan for their guidance. Like most of our scholarship winners these days, several of Matt’s performances are available for viewing on YouTube.