CDs and Vinyl Records for Sale

Generous patrons and their families have donated wonderful collections of used jazz CDs and records to us to sell, so that we can use the profits to further our mission to promote and preserve jazz.

We bring a substantial proportion of our inventory to various local events to sell in person, but we also offer CDs for sale online (vinyl records are only available for sale at events).

The NJJS Used CD Inventory lists the CDs we have for sale, at very reasonable prices. Buy 9 and get one FREE!! We add shipping and handling to cover our costs (if you are attending the monthly Jazz Socials, you can arrange to collect your purchases there, and avoid the shipping cost).

Here’s how you can purchase these CDs:

Make your selection from the Used CD Inventory. Email James Pansulla at to verify that your selection is still available.

After verifying your selection with James, make your payment via Paypal or check, adding the shipping charge (if you are not collecting the items in person):

1 CD = $5 + $4 s/h2 CDs = $10 + $4.75 s/h
3 CDs = $15 + $5.50 s/h4 CDs = $20 + $6.25 s/h
5 CDs = $25 + $7 s/h6 CDs = $30 + $7.75 s/h
7 CDs = $35 + $8.50 s/h8 CDs = $40 + $9.25 s/h
9 CDs = $45 + $9.75 s/h10 CDs = $45 + $10 s/h
For orders of more than 10 CDs, please contact James for shipping costs.

Payment can be made online at PayPal using our code: Please indicate this payment is for a CD order you’ve placed with James. OR Please make checks payable to NJJS and mail to New Jersey Jazz Society, c/o Michael A. Katz, 382 Springfield Ave., Suite 217, Summit, NJ 07901 – again, please indicate this payment is for a CD order. Please include the shipping and handling charge as appropriate if you are not collecting the items in person.

We’re certain you will find gems to add to your own collection from our inventory, and your contribution to our endeavors will be gratefully appreciated.