About New Jersey Jazz Society

Founded in 1972, the Society is run by a board of directors who meet monthly to conduct the business of staging our music festivals, awarding scholarships to deserving New Jersey college jazz studies students, conducting the Generations of Jazz programs in local school systems, and inducting pioneers and legends of jazz into the American Jazz Hall of Fame, among other things. The membership is comprised of jazz devotees from all parts of the state, the country and the world. The Society publishes a monthly magazine, Jersey Jazz, which contains feature articles, photos, music calendars, concert reviews, and Society information, and is free with membership.

The New Jersey Jazz Society is a qualified organization of the New Jersey Cultural Trust, and is qualified as a tax-exempt cultural organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to NJJS are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Our Mission

The mission of the New Jersey Jazz Society is to promote and preserve the great American musical art form known as Jazz through live jazz performances and educational outreach initiatives and scholarships.


President – Cydney Halpin Email: pres@njjs.org / info@njjs.org
Executive Vice President – Jay Dougherty Email: vicepresident@njjs.org
Membership Vice President – Pete Grice Email: membership@njjs.org  973-610-1308
Music Vice President – Carrie Jackson Email: music@njjs.org
Publicity Vice President – Sanford Josephson Email: publicity@njjs.org
Treasurer – Mike Katz Email: treasurer@njjs.org / makatz2@comcast.net
Recording Secretary – Irene Miller Email
Immediate Past President – Mike Katz
President Emeritus – Jack Stine


Ted Clark, Cynthia Feketie, Stephen Fuller, Caryl Anne McBride, James Pansulla, Al Parmet, Stewart Schiffer, Mitchell Seidel, Marcia Steinberg, Elliott Tyson, Jackie Wetcher, Tony Mottola (Ex-officio), Linda Lobdell (Ex-officio)

Jersey Jazz Editor – Tony Mottola Email: editor@njjs.org
Jersey Jazz Co-Editor/Art Director – Linda Lobdell Email: art@njjs.org
Contributing Photo Editor – Mitchell Seidel Email: photo@njjs.org
Website Administrator – Carrie Jackson Email: music@njjs.org
Public Relations/Marketing – Sanford Josephson Email: publicity@njjs.org